For over a decade, Facing History has partnered with The Allstate Foundation to bring communities together through meaningful dialogue around today’s most profound issues. Students, teachers, parents and community members from all walks of life engage with distinguished speakers to challenge their collective thinking, promote tolerance, and create social change. 
An outside firm developed a platform for the 10th anniversary but stakeholders weren’t pleased and the Director of Communications tapped my shoulder for help. I was tasked with elevating the feeling of excitement around the 10th anniversary and refine the externally developed brand to achieve the goals of this year-long series.
Ideation stage: Here's a peek at the early stage. I like to fan out as wide as my mind can go in this phase and explore the possibilities.
Ideation stage: zoomed-in on poster sketches
Stage mockup for regional offices to help them imagine the space and how they might setup their evening.
Intro clip used for events. This was my first time using After Effects.
Poster designs
Sampling of various collateral from web to print
Program spread

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